Enjoy God's Word 2019 Conference by Katie Orr

Enjoy God's Word 2019 Conference

Join us April 23-25, 2019 for this 3-day fully online Women's Bible conference. 

Launches on April 23rd, 2019


The Enjoy God’s Word Online Bible Conference brings everything you love about a conference experience straight to you. This three-day fully online experience will:

  • Encourage your heart with truth-filled teaching from top Bible teachers.
  • Help you gain practical tips to enjoy your time in the Word.
  • Show you how to develop confidence to study the Bible on your own.
  • Connect you with a thriving community of Bible-loving women.


Receive a spiritual boost through the Word of God delivered by dynamic Gospel-centered teachers—all from the comfort of your own home. This is a fully online conference where Gospel-Centered theology meets everyday practical living. 
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If you are looking for a community filled with like-minded women who want to grow in their knowledge of God — this is the place to be! You will get the chance to interact with other attendees to discuss what you are learning, asking questions, and chat LIVE with each speaker after their session!


All the sessions will be recorded and you'll gain lifetime access to them to enjoy anywhere and anytime you want — even if that's six months later! 
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"I loved that that I could watch it on my own time and over and over again. That it was so helpful for someone who is just learning to read the Bible."
2018 Conference Attendee


A ticket to the 2019 Enjoy God’s Word Bible Conference gives you lifetime access to the following:

  • The six-part keynote teachings by Katie Orr through the Book of Philippians 
  • Over 20 practical and theological 30 minute breakout sessions geared toward helping you know and enjoy the Bible better,
  • An invitation to the private Facebook group where you will be able to discuss what you are learning and ask questions.
  • Realtime interaction with each breakout speaker through their live Q&A sessions.
  • The digital conference notebook with listener's guides for each session.
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For a limited time, tickets are only $52. This EARLY BIRD pricing goes away forever on April 2nd. Don't miss this chance to save $10!! You'll also receive this gorgeous Enjoy God's Word art print for immediate download. 
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Our fabulous speakers come from a variety of backgrounds but all have a passion to teach God’s Word. 

Keynote Sessions

This six-part teaching series will help you understand the key passages in the book of Philippians.

Avoiding the Transparency Trap

Transparency is a virtue, but what happens when we make it the end rather than a means to an end? Well, we miss the gospel goal of transformation. Too many of us are stuck, because confession is easy but change his hard. This session will spur us to move beyond mere happiness to actual holiness.

The Confident Calling

You are a unique you. She is a unique she. But together, we can accomplish great things for the Kingdom. In this session, Nicki will help you unpack what it looks like for you to step into your calling with a holy confidence, united all the while championing the women beside you in your community. 

From Bitter to Better

In this session you'll learn how to stop complaining about your circumstances, quit comparing yourself to others, and start allowing God's Word to give you new perspective.

How to Make a Spiritual Growth Notebook

Learn why and how to make your own notebook. Keep all your sermon notes, memory verses, Bible studies, etc., all in one convenient place.

How To Read God’s Word and Actually Do What It Says

Guess what? God intends for us to do what the Bible says: adopt the orphan, take the gospel into all the world, and care for the needy. These are mandates that point us down the path of true living and eternal life.

Making an Invisible God Visible

Our lives are a divine gift. Everything we do with our lives ought to reflect the glory of the One who created us—making an invisible God visible to this world. In this session we'll talk about what that means and how we can practically do this in our lives.

Maximize Your "Not-So-Quiet" Time with God

Learn steps for how to get into God’s Word, maximize engagement with Christ, and ultimately enjoy your "quiet" time spent with God—even when it is interrupted, chaotic, and far from quiet.

Making Biblical Prayer a Practical Priority

Do you want to be a prayer warrior for God's Kingdom, your family, and yourself, but just don't know where to start? In this session, you'll learn a practical and purposeful process of prayer that will make praying for yourself and those you love accessible.

Becoming Women of Blessing

Heather will examine Scripture to reveal what the Bible has to say about the authority we have been given as followers of Christ. She will share a variety of Biblically-based prayer tools to bless those around you every day. 

Building Your Faith

Through an overview of the book of Nehemiah, you'll be encouraged to take steps closer to God through an unshakeable faith in who He is.

Creating Habits of Faith: How to Help Your Kids Get into the Word

Need help cultivating faith in your kids or grandkids? Through her personal testimony as a teen, as well as decades of experience working with teens and her own 4 children, Kim Sorgius will share practical tools, methods, and ideas for getting kids in the Word as you help them develop habits that impact their today and shape their tomorrow.

The Comfort of God's Word in Our Loneliness

Learn how to discover the hidden blessings and powerful lessons in your lonely seasons of life, through God's greater perspective.
"My favorite part was the solid biblical teaching."
2018 Conference Attendee

Give Yourself Grace... But Not Too Much

Most all women struggle to make time in God's Word a consistent thing. We are distracted and busy, and to have a few quiet minutes to actually study is a hard thing to make a daily practice. Becky will help you give yourself grace for how things have been... but not too much as you find help tools and encouragement to get in God's Word!

What Does the Bible Say about Vocation?

We live in a culture that pushes us to find identity in a title or position, often with little consideration for purpose. We were each created in God’s image, and created to be workers for something greater than ourselves. This session will consider what Scripture has to say about individual calling in the kingdom of God.

Leveraging Spiritual Capital

American culture speaks a clear message to women. In order to have power, we must be beautiful or have a title of some kind. Let’s learn a few lessons from Queen Esther who had both beauty and title, and how she chose to leverage neither to deliver her 
people from certain annihilation. 

Across the Gap: The Value of Multi-Generational Bible Study

Exploring the biblical framework for and real-life value of engaging in multi-generational Bible study. This session includes ideas and tips for connecting women across generations. 

Being a Gracious Witness in Today's Culture

In today’s culture, it’s tempting to use the world’s tactics to fight a spiritual battle. But we can be gracious witnesses by showing the world what we are “for” instead of what we’re “against.” We’ll explore 5 practical ways to share Jesus and counter a godless culture.

Transforming our Thought-Lives to Places of Hope

Understand the power of your thought life and receive practical training in taking your thoughts captive to truth.

When Grace Walks In

Do you want to be a woman who walks worthy of her calling in Christ? No matter where we are in our walks with Christ we need understand that Grace walks into our life with transforming Gospel-centered truth. Based on Ephesians chapter 1, this talk will encourage you to keep walking with Grace. 

Anxious For Nothing

The world we live in is full of anxiety, chaos and noise. Many of us deal with anxiety and crippling fear. How do we find peace in a world of panic?

More to Come!

Keep checking back often. As we finalize breakout topics, we'll add these pretty faces to the page!
Angie Elkins - Erin Warren

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"There were so many wonderful sessions. I really felt I got my money's worth.“
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A stellar event like this held at a conference center would be at least $170 a ticket. On top of that, you have to drive or buy a plane ticket to get there, pay for a hotel room and expensive meals for the three days you're away from home.

The full-price ticket to the Enjoy God's Word Online Conference is only $62.

Plus, you can watch all the sessions in your PJs.


The full-price ticket is $62.
Save $10 now through through April 2 through early registration! This discount will NOT return. Grab it while you can. 
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Our Florida-based team loves helping women enjoy the Word of God! We've each been transformed by the power of God's Word and we can't wait to help you take your next step toward enjoying your time in the Bible more.

Angie Elkins

Angie is a published songwriter and passionate about leading worship and connecting with women. Her podcast—Chatologie—is a platform she uses to have conversations that matter. Angie, Robert and their 3 children live in Orlando, FL where Robert serves as Worship Pastor of First Baptist Church, Orlando.

Erin Warren

Erin is the Women’s Ministry Director at First Baptist Orlando, a writer and speaker. She has a passion to see women fall in love with God’s Word and learn how to see God working in the midst of their unexpected circumstances. She is an Orlando native, married to Kris and has three kids.

Stacey Thacker

Stacey is a wife and the mother of four girls. She's authored six books and is the founder of Girlfriends’ Guide to the Bible—an online Bible study community. She has a passion to connect with women and encourage them in their walks with God. 

Katie Orr

Katie Orr is passionate about helping women enjoy God and His Word daily. As a national conference speaker, prolific author, and online Bible coach she provides biblical teaching and relevant resources to help women jump-start their journey toward walking with Jesus.