Scripture-Based Prayer Point Bookmarks by Katie Orr

Scripture-Based Prayer Point Bookmarks

Pray the Word of God
These prayer resources will help you pray through the important areas of your life with confidence.

Each bookmark includes seven prayer requests rooted in Scripture. You can use the prayer request lists to pray through one area all at once, or use the 7 requests to pray over an area once a day.

These prayer request bookmarks are designed to work especially with Val Marie Paper’s Yearly Prayer Journal which I use to help organize my prayer life! (afflink)

What's included?

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Prayers for My World and Nation
1.06 MB
Prayers for the Lost
1.02 MB
Prayers from Ephesians Chapter One
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Prayers for My Husband
1.4 MB
Everyday Peace Prayers
1.05 MB
BONUS: Prayers of Jesus 7 Day Reading Plan
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