John Bible Study Pack (Pre-Order) by Katie Orr

John Bible Study Pack (Pre-Order)

Get to know Jesus through 30 days in the Gospel of John. Pack includes coaching videos, journaling sheets, reading plan bookmark, and more.
Pack arrives 8/26/2019

Enjoy consistency in your Bible reading

Through this 30-day Bible reading plan—with options to customize and go deeper—you can establish a daily rhythm of Bible study as you enjoy the book of John.

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Say goodbye to distractions

Learn a simple study method to help you focus on the words in front of you. Better understand what you are reading and enjoy a fruitful time in the Bible.

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What's Included

  • 30-day reading plan through the book of Esther
  • 30 printable FLEX Journal Pages
  • Customization options to fit your schedule and skill
  • Printable checklist of the plan on a beautiful bookmark
  • Coaching videos from Stacey Thacker and Katie Orr
  • Several printable worksheets to enhance your studies
  • Regular encouragement and accountability via email
  • and more!

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