Everyday Faith Teaching Videos by Katie Orr

Everyday Faith Teaching Videos

Everyday Faith Teaching Bundle
Great for your small group Bible study time or for individual use as a way to go deeper into the topic, these videos are a companion resource for the FOCUSed15 Everyday Faith Bible study. Each video corresponds with the four weeks of the Bible study and should be viewed after the week's work is complete.

What's included?

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Everyday Faith
Week 1
Listener's Guide Week 1
70.8 KB
Everyday Faith Teaching Video Week 1
16 mins
Week 1 Audio
16 mins
Week 2
Listener's Guide Week 2
64.3 KB
Everyday Faith Teaching Video Week 2
18 mins
Week 2 Audio
18 mins
Week 3
Listener's Guide Week 3
66.6 KB
Everyday Faith Teaching Video Week 3
16 mins
Week 3 Audio
16 mins
Week 4
Listener's Guide Week 4
63.6 KB
Everyday Faith Teaching Video Week 4
20 mins
Week 4 Audio
20 mins
BONUS: Everyday Faith Images
faith is proved in the mundane.jpeg
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I am approved and loved.jpeg
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clinging to grace requires faith.jpeg
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cast away all that gets in the way of drawing near.jpeg
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day to day faith is drawing near.jpeg
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any plan without faith will fail.jpeg
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draw near when i want to run away.jpeg
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faith brings eternal perspective.jpeg
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faith casts away anything that gets in the way of drawing near.jpeg
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faith is a personal choice.jpeg
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faith is looking to jesus.jpeg
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faith is about my affections.jpeg
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faith is walking down the path God choses for me.jpeg
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life of faith does not secure comfort.jpeg
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I am placed for His purpose.jpeg
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i need jesus.jpeg
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i was saved with great purpose.jpeg
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only God can satisty my longings.jpeg
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sin cherishes something else over Jesus.jpeg
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stand on the promise that i am already accepted.jpeg
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struggles are an opp to show faith.jpeg
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