2020 Enjoy God’s Word Bible Conference by Katie Orr

2020 Enjoy God’s Word Bible Conference

Learn how to better enjoy, understand, and apply God's Word.

Launches on March 5th, 2020


The Enjoy God’s Word Online Bible Conference brings everything you love about a conference experience straight to you. This three-day fully online experience will:

  • Encourage your heart with truth-filled teaching from top Bible teachers.
  • Help you gain practical tips to enjoy your time in the Word.
  • Show you how to develop confidence to study the Bible on your own.
  • Connect you with a thriving community of Bible-loving women.
This conference has been the best investment I have made. So many great videos. Can't wait for the next conference!
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Receive a spiritual boost through the Word of God delivered by dynamic Christ-centered teachers — all from the comfort of your own home. This is a fully online conference where Gospel-centered theology meets everyday practical living. 
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All the sessions will be recorded and you'll gain lifetime access to them to enjoy anywhere and anytime you want.
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I am always pouring out. This conference allowed me to be poured into in amazing ways. Several of the breakouts hit home in a big way.
2019 Conference Attendee


If you are looking for a community filled with like-minded women who want to grow in their love for God — this is the place to be! You will get the chance to interact with other attendees to discuss what you are learning, asking questions, and chat LIVE with each speaker after their session!
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A stellar event like this held at a conference center would be at least $170 a ticket. On top of that, you have to drive or buy a plane ticket to get there, pay for a hotel room and expensive meals for the three days you're away from home.

A ticket to the Enjoy God's Word Online Conference is only $49.

Plus, you can watch all the sessions in your PJs.
You had me at jammies.


A ticket to the 2020 Enjoy God’s Word Bible Conference gives you lifetime access to the following:

  • Practical and theological 30 minute breakout sessions geared toward helping you know and enjoy the Bible better.
  • New for 2020! Actionable worksheets with practical plans for application. 
  • New for 2020! A live how-to workshop to help you make the most of the conference materials and apply them to your life. 
  • An invitation to the private Facebook group where you will be able to discuss what you are learning and ask questions.
  • Realtime interaction with the breakout speakers through their live Q&A sessions.
  • The digital conference notebook with listener's guides for each session.
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This conference is awesome!  See you next year...
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These super-practical and biblically-based sessions will help you know and connect with God through His Word as we explore our Psalm-based theme "Heart & Soul."

(More topics will be added soon!)

Practical Help for Correctly Understanding God's Word

The Bible has endless application for our lives, but only one meaning. This session will identify a few faulty interpretation trends and give you tips and tools to help you correctly and responsibly handle God's Word.

Psalms for Those Who Wrestle with Anxiety

This lesson will unpack Psalms of David that explore some of his most anxious and difficult seasons. We will learn how the psalmist walked through these moments of difficulty and be spurred to trust in God's unchanging character throughout it all.

Water in the Wilderness: Finding God in the Wilderness of Weary

In Psalm 63 we find the Psalmist crying out to God, seeking him as in a dry and weary land where there is no water. In this session we will dive into who God is and how—because of His character—we can find Him even in the wilderness of weary.

Predictability of the Psalms: Identifying Structure to Enhance Our Study

Among the various genres featured throughout the Bible, is poetry, showcased most prominently in the Book of Psalms. Join Courtney in this session of exploring this genre found within the Psalms, and learning how to identify elements, structure, and movement of the text for enhanced study of the given content.  

Hope in the Heartbreak

The Book of Psalms offers comfort during hard times in life. In this session, we will explore the Psalms to find hope in situations that causes heartbreak. 

The Surprising Benefits that Come with Confession

In this session Amy will discuss the importance of the oft-neglected practice of confession and the good it produces in the life of a believer.

What Does it Mean to Guard My Heart?

We are told that we should guard our hearts (Proverbs 4:23), but we've turned that into putting up walls. However, if we want to live freely and fully, we need to learn what the Bible means when it tells us to guard our hearts! Learn some practice How To's (and What Not To's as well). 

How to Pray When It All Breaks Loose

What do you do when life whips up a storm of epic proportion and you find yourself trying to hold on for dear life? Let's dive into Psalm 91, which gives us some great perspective on how to do just that. 

Who Do You Say I Am?: Why What We Believe about God Matters

What we believe about God impacts every area of our lives, from our view of ourselves to our view of the world. Using passages from the Psalms, we'll explore three attributes of God—sovereign, wise, and steadfast—and discover how grasping these truths about Him changes everything about us.

The Top Psalms to Study and Why

With 150 Psalms in the Bible, how do we know where to start in our study of them? Kristin will walk you through the best psalms to start your study with and why they are so important.

A Realistic Look at Psalm 23

Psalm 23 seems like one of the most well known Psalms, but what do green pastures, cups overflowing, and prepared tables mean for today? There are interesting cultural differences that when understood, bring a fresh depth to this beloved Psalm and lead us to trust God in new ways.

Seeing King Jesus in the Psalms

Did you know that alongside King David, King Jesus is also mentioned in the Psalms? In this session we'll look at the purposes of the Royal Psalms, what we can learn about Jesus from them, and how they can bring us courage and comfort as we submit to those who govern our nation today.

NEW IN 2020!

As part of your conference ticket, you will receive a new eCourse and group coaching to help you apply it all!

From how to set aside time with God, to all the different ways you can connect with Him during that time, Lara and Katie will help you take the next steps toward connecting with God through regular time in prayer and Bible study. 
This new eCourse will arrive in February and will be available for ticket holders as soon as it arrives. This will give time to work through the content before the live workshop where you will be able to ask questions, brainstorm, and troubleshoot particulars. 
Can't make all the times? no worries! Each session will be pre-recorded and available for you to watch again and again. All live discussions will be recorded and available for replay.