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(UNDER CONSTRUCTION :: This library is in process of being migrated here as its new home. Additional resources can be found in the old version here.)

Holy Week Reading Plan

Put together by Heather Clement — a Bible Study Hub Discussion Leader — this 6-day reading plan will walk you through the last moments of...

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Book of the Bible Reading Plans

These free Bible reading plans provide a great "bird's-eye-view" of different books of the Bible. The reading plan checklist is beautifully laid out in a...

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FOCUSed15 Bible Study Training

In this short yet powerful training session, you’ll learn how to go deep into the Bible in as little as 15 minutes a day, utilizing...

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Philippians Teaching Videos

Sign up to be notified as soon as this e-course is ready!Whether you are discussing the book in a group or studying on your own,...

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Bible Study Resources

The FOCUSed15 Bible study method teaches you how to study the Bible on your own in as little as 15 minutes a day. These tools...

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Scripture-Based Prayer Resources

These prayer resources will help you pray through the important areas of your life with confidence. Start off with the 7-day reading plan, The Prayers...

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